We’ve combed through hundreds of models to help you find the best keyboard for smart tv. So you can easily control your home theater, linking them to modern televisions and putting them through their paces.

First and foremost, You required secure wireless connectivity that could run your TV from anywhere in the room. We’ve pursued the best keyboard for android tv, which is the lightweight form factor, plug-and-play design, and have long battery life.

Nearly every set on the market in the new age of television now has smart technology. Smart television keyboards can help to navigate lists by clicking on a Trackpad instantly and adding a key to each alphabet letter.
Many various remote controls and mini keyboards may be used with an Android TV box to make the process much better.

They come in all shapes and sizes for pushing a cursor around, from traditional classical style to mini keyboards with touchpads.

The best way to manage the device is based on the customer.

For starters, someone who enters a ton of keywords may not like the on-screen keyboard and choose a handset with keys.

A unit’s scale often varies with some preferring mid-size models and others much smaller than that.

There are several nice units available for best remote controls and keyboards to use with an Android TV set with the ones below our choices.

A convenient, familiar, and simple to use touch board is the Logitech K600 TV Keyboard. It puts the experience of navigation at the forefront.

Top Best Keyboard For Android Tv

We’ve compiled all the best keyboards for android smart TV, around to help you pick the one for your viewing requirements.

1) Logitech K600

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVLogitech’s K600 TV Keyboard expands the existing machine keyboard to the large screen. This is the best keypad for those that like to try the new look for regular size buttons, conveniently separated trackpad, and common top function keys.

Logitech also introduced a strategically located directional pad and mouse keys and the traditional keyboard layout, allowing for two-hand operation using only your thumbs. The flat keyboard configuration of the K600 is ideal for type resting on your lap with it.

A 49-foot operational range and a battery life of only 2 AAA batteries for 12 months complete the function package. Best of all, the K600TV can also function as an iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac keyboard.

  • Touchpad-like device
  • Battery life: 12 months
  • Wide Sized

2) Rii i28 Mini Wireless Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThe i28 is the best keyboard for Android TV that is cost-effective without skimping on the functionality. This small keyboard has 70 backlit keys and a naturally-wheeled trackpad.

There is even a rechargeable battery that makes you question if batteries are of the correct quality. The keyboard is small and simple to use with 1 or 2 hands as well.

  • Affordable prices
  • Backlit keys
  • Placing a Trackpad

3) iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThe KP-810-61BT iPazzPort is one of the only keyboards for android tv with built-in IR learning on the internet. This feature allows you to customize the keyboard with essential settings, including power and volume, which minimize the need to use the current controller.

This keyboard often has an RGB backlight, which can be customized and seen in the pitch. This keyboard can be sustained for months by a massive built-in rechargeable battery with a single charge.

  • Learning from IR
  • Battery refillable
  • Backlight is customizable
  • No decent design

4) Fosmon Mini Wireless Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThe Fosmon Mini Wireless Keyboard focuses thumb clicking and navigation with a trackpad and cursor keys that are strategically positioned. The trackpad would make you search while you’re on the screen in no time, conveniently placed on the side.

The Fosmon Mini is also small and lightweight, allowing for more extended periods. Media keys located at the top of the keyboard, which carry regular functionality, are so that they can easily forward and rebound.

  • Layout
  • Scale Lightweight
  • Do not recognize IR

5) Rii i4 Multimedia Mini

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThe i4 Mini from Rii is a game controller-based keyboard. If in a hurry for more power without the remote, a strategically positioned power pad and shoulder Buttons will come in handy.

A big trackpad enables you to navigate with one or two clicks in the center of the i4 Mini. Dedicated media keys make for fast navigation and simple volume changes.

  • Easy to place the cursor
  • Battery refillable
  • Buttons on the side
  • No IR

6) iPazzPort KP-810-30BR

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThe KP-810-30BR iPazzPort takes the shape of a conventional phone and does so in style. This keyboard features a lightweight, tidy, sleek, black, and silver interface ideal for one-hand typing.

An optional silicone sleeve will connect this keyboard directly to your remote for those with a Fire TV in the house, making it always ready to go. The KP-810-30BR often contains rear-lighted keys that provide a breeze to the pitch.

  • Design Portable
  • Included Case for Fire TV
  • Lightback
  • No Volume Holds
  • No keys for cursor


Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThe ANEWISH T16 is designed to have broad PC-to-Android TV connectivity. There is a touchpad with buttons on both sides and a small keyboard on the top in the middle.

A 2.4GHz USB receiver has been attached and is ready for use in an Android Case. The keys are backlit so that the lights are visible. The ANEWISH T16 is a decent device that supports Android TV sets, keyboards, touchpads and controllers.

  • Lightweight
  • Many options for backlight lighting
  • Despite the limited keyboard size, the touchpad is big.
  • Battery life is complicated, with backlight 3-5 hours

8) Fosmon Bluetooth Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThis Fosmon Computer is a micro Bluetooth device that uses every Bluetooth system and Android TV boxes. It is a lightweight style with left-hand keys and a narrow right-hand touchpad. For most Android TV sets, please review the specs for your TV package.

Since it is inexpensive and a universal controller that works with many devices, the Fosmon mini keyboard has become very popular.

  • Relatively fast connection without delay
  • Can be charged by USB
  • It could be too little for big hands

9) AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVAmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard is a simple standard-sized keyboard. It has a complete QWERTY interface with a maximum wireless distance of 33 feet. It can be used in your whole living room.

Moreover, With its real plug-and-play feature, the device attaches to nearly every TV or Computer with an available USB port. It needs a pair of AAA batteries, plus the box. We have considered these batteries to be long-lasting. Their manufacturer saying that they would last six months without substituting them.

There is no backlight on the screen, which may be problematic. If you use the device at night or in a dimly lit room in can be at issue. The complete QWERTY configuration of the keyboard is good. Still, the lightweight size requires some essential function keys to be positioned poorly, like the on / off button. It is always jam-packed with the clapping, but this should not be a challenge unless you write a significant text.

  • Keys in full size making it huge
  • 33 feet overall broadband range
  • No backlight

10) ANEWKODI Mini Wireless Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Android Smart TVThe ANEWKODIS 2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard offers virtually every feature you’re looking for in one of those devices. It has a unique maximum wireless range, connectivity with smart TVs, gadgets. It has large touchpads with intuitive gesture control. It comes with a charged battery, which takes around a week.

There is also a backlight, which comes in seven colors of your choosing. These features come bundled in a lower than average price point, which is a perfect deal for this keyboard.

The keyboard has a sleep feature to keep the battery running, but we realized that we slept too fast in just a minute. Although there are several keys that allow you to zoom around the TV screen quickly. However, most keys are not supported technically by an Amazon Fire Stick.

  • The backlight has many options for visibility
  • Usage of the battery for one week
  • Wide collection of quick access keys
  • Keyboard sleeps so soon
  • Bluetooth is not available


  • Multiple vendors produce their remote controls based on the above model, so they have a variant if you own a favorite brand.
  • Micro Remote Keyboards strive to be as few as practicable to hold keys to a comfortable screen.
  • Some have issues with the little keys, but suitable for all.
  • Mid-size remote keyboards are another nice choice if you do not like small keys and have large hands.
  • Remote air mouse controls are also decent systems, though they can get used to some of the controls on your TV set.

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Buying Guide for Best Keyboard for Android TV

It might be a perfect keyboard to distinguish between an unproductive and productive business day on a tablet, Desktop, or even a Telev. We also waste real time looking at what keyboard we want to purchase. While this is the cheapest option, we spend more time with an app on our computers, even though it’s a personal attachment.

Most of us on notebooks or PCs, some of us on Smart TVs or even tablets, will use our keyboards. Decide this aspect before entering the finer details of the functionality. A laptop keyboard usually is spray and wired and would not be practical to use a Smart TV.

Moreover, If you connect the laptop to a phone, a bigger PC-driven wireless keyboard would not be suitable. Too small for long hours of working as a regular driver is a lightweight wireless keyboard. Select the best keyboard that matches your needs.

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Wireless overall gap

Living rooms are available in all shapes and sizes, so you may want to make sure that any keyboard you buy fits in every corner of your home. We proposed we assured a minimum wireless gap of 20 feet per keyboard, with a total of almost 40 feet. Many of the products mentioned above also wirelessly interconnect to the 2.4 GHz industry standard and can suffer minimal, if any, signal breaks.

  1. Width and weight of the keyboard

While many Smart TV keyboards have a lightweight shape factor, they are often too small for regular and big hands. You will check the menus and the search words on the keyboard, but hopefully, you want something you can type on quickly.

The majority of the items above are suitable for all ages, except on keyboards that provide full portability on occasions. When it comes to weight, mainly if you use the keyboard for more extended periods than it must be lighter. Both devices mentioned above have a weight lower than normal keypads.

  1. Function With a wide variety of televisions and tablets

We tried to keep it clean by picking keyboards that fit with many new TVs and associated accessories, such as streaming players. Most of these keyboards operate via USB receivers, which can be attached to your chosen device.

Some keyboards do not play well with certain media keys, there are a few streaming products. You can get into trouble using any of the shortcut keys while also maintaining features. Neither of these devices needs drivers or such a thing to function, providing plug-and-play features from the entrance.

  1. Design: Build.

Any makers of keyboards may not pay careful attention to keyboard layout or style. The result is a tiny Enter key or context key. Such versions may have the Fn key that used to be the Ctrl. But this further leads to frustration and makes it a little harder to get used to the keyboard. Other victims are the directional keys that shrink beyond ideal conditions. It is also necessary to split the keys so that you don’t always touch the wrong one.

Apart from all the functionality, architecture is one of the most significant aspects. We always spoke about the space between keys, but the shapes of the wrist rest, the weight, and the capacity to slop the keyboard using the small stands behind it may be overlooked. All this allows you to operate better without wrist and shoulder pressure.

Which One Is Best: Wired Or Wireless Keyboard?

If you are a little distant and need some space, wireless keyboards are more fitting. The most noticeable use for a wireless keyboard is the remote TV or laptop. It also functions with laptops put at a distance on a laptop stand. There is no risk in using a portable laptop keyboard, but you can select one with all the bells and whistles.

Be mindful that some versions run on Radiofrequency ( RF) receivers, and others use Bluetooth while choosing a wireless keyboard. Bluetooth versions do not even have to connect a USB adaptor to a laptop or computer on which you are working; in this situation, they will use the built-in features.

You need to attach radio frequency receivers to your Computer, laptop, or Telev. It can be hard to operate on tablets or laptops with USB ports. There is undoubtedly a superior range of Bluetooth devices.

Why We Need Keyboards For Android/Smart TV

Sadly, while most smart TVs suffer from hardware and software limitations that render navigation a nightmare. They are filled with software and functionalities and optimized web browsers. Still, their use is always a frustrating experience because of the simple remote controls they ship with. Moreover, their interfaces are very simplistic and offer a chore far more typing than they should be.

The type-out method is what hurts most on most smart televisions. The four arrow keys on the keyboard and each letter range are an experience to which almost everybody might relate, as much as we might want to forget it. It is an experience that virtually everyone can relate to.

This is all the more disturbing because you have just unpacked and can genuinely use your fabulous new TV. Install the applications and interests with the dinky remote in the package instead of going right to the nice stuff.

When your TV is wired to your network, things don’t get better. It is not better than the configuration process to search for new applications for download and programs to view. If it’s a remote update, you’ll be dreaming of the days when there is only one thing on TV. It’s just about the day.

Fortunately, some of these problems are mitigated by smart TV buttons. Indeed, it’s better to keep your heads from tossing against the wall if you want to discover everything like Rayman in the Netflix app. Because we’ve paid for the pricey screen, not to buy more hardware.

In addition to a complete clapboard in your desired style, several of the keys on our list provide simple controls that the large-scale television corporations will not replicate for any reason.

Many users are even backlit, so you can use them in the dark without pressing the button unintentionally and beginning the quest again. I am a survivor of a stupid gap, and I’m not over it if you haven’t noticed yet. Save the hassle and buying a remote keyboard for your smart TV, so you never use it. You’re going to thank me, I hope.

Do smart TV keyboards need to have Bluetooth?

No, not so. Many smart televisions have USB ports, suitable for wireless keyboards communication. However, you will want to spend on a Bluetooth-enabled computer to use a keyboard on your phone or tablet.