The Jelly Wireless keyboard and mouse combo is one of the most compelling offers with its budget pricing and having some great set of features.

Build and Design:

The keyboard comes in a full-size design, which means that you get all of the keys that you get on a regular keyboard. This is pretty useful for some people because they might make use of the number pad. The design is pretty slim, which makes it easier to carry around. The keys are also good to type on due to the tactile feedback that they provide.

The mouse comes in an ergonomic build and design, which makes it easier to hold the mouse. The comfort hold makes it much easier to track the cursor. The mouse is also lightweight and comfortable as it should be considering it’s a wireless mouse.


The best feature about the keyboard is the full-size design because the number pad is very crucial for some people, and they would really find some use for it. The keys also provide a good typing experience. The mouse has various DPI levels, and you can choose if you want a high DPI or a lower one. This is a really good feature, especially for the people who love gaming using a wireless mouse.


The connectivity is the best thing about this combo due to the USB dongle because you don’t need to have Bluetooth on your computer in order to connect to this pair. The only thing required is a USB port in which you will insert the dongle, and both of your devices will get connected to your computer.

The range of the dongle is also pretty great. You can easily use the keyboard and the mouse from a couple of meters away, which makes it really easy to use. Having no wires is a God blessing, and you can really feel it when you start using a wireless keyboard and a mouse.


The only reason for buying a wireless keyboard and a mouse is the portability aspect of them. Being wireless, you can easily carry them around without having to worry about any kind of wires. The whole setup process is also simple. The lightweight design of the keyboard and the mouse make it very easy to carry them around with yourself.

Battery Life:

As with all of the other keyboard and mouse combos, this one also has great battery life. As there is no cool RGB lighting here, which can suck a lot of battery, the simple design doesn’t require that much amount of battery so you can easily get months of battery life.


Wireless keyboard and mice are super popular now due to the ease of use that they provide. The Jelly wireless keyboard and mouse combo is also one of the best ones in the market due to the lightweight design, great battery life, and sleek build. You will not regret buying this keyboard and mouse combo.

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