As you might already be familiar with Logitech because they are probably the most prominent name around in the accessories department and especially when it comes to keyboard and mice. The Logitech MK270 is a combo that has some great features to offer in a compelling package.

Build and Design:

This combo is purely made for the business people. The keyboard as a business aesthetic with its sleek and minimalist build. The keys that they have used are also perfect for pressing as the essential travel is long, which some people are surely going to love. The keyboard is also very thing which makes it easier to carry around, and the whole body is really sturdy, which keeps flexing to a minimum.

The mouse also has a good build quality as expected from Logitech. The sleek design of the mouse ensures that it will look good on any desk. The ergonomic grip of the mouse is also reliable as it provides a much better tracking experience. The hand feel of the mouse is pretty solid. The mouse is also lightweight.


Both the keyboard and mouse come in a wireless connection, which makes it easier to use both of them as you don’t have any wires. The keys are no that loud on the keyboard, which makes the overall typing experience much faster and comfortable as there is no noise to disturb you.

The mouse buttons are also not that clicky due to the sleek design of the mouse. They have built to work in an office space, and they sure do perfectly fit in that category. Battery life is also great, with Logitech claiming up to 3-year battery life.


Due to the lightweight design of the keyboard and mouse, it makes them very portable in general. The keyboard has a sleek and modern design and a thin body. This kind of light body is perfect for portability as you can easily fit the keyboard in your laptop bag.

The mouse is also lightweight and has a design that is perfectly portable anywhere. You can carry both the keyboard and the mouse in your bag where ever you go and continue using them outside.


Both the keyboard and the mouse come in a wireless connection. By wireless connection, we don’t mean Bluetooth, but they use a USB Dongle to connect to a computer. This dongle method is superior to the Bluetooth method, in our opinion, because in the case of Bluetooth, your computer also needs to have Bluetooth to connect to the keyboard and the mouse.

But in the case of the dongle, you can quickly put the dongle into your computer and connect your keyboard and mouse at once. The range is also pretty solid.


Overall, this is definitely one of the better keyboards and mouse combos in the market. From the build and the design to the connectivity, everything is pretty solid, and you should definitely consider buying this combo.

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