Logitech products have always been an industry-leading in some sort, and with the MK550, they again aim to lead the world with their keyboard design.

Build and Design:

The best thing about this combo is definitely the design of the keyboard. Logitech has made the shape of the keyboard in a curved fashion so that any person can easily type on them. Your fingers easily move on from key to key on this keyboard. This makes the whole typing experience much faster. The build is also durable, and there is minimal flex in the chassis.

The mouse is also really ergonomic and provides a good hand feel, which is necessary because it allows us to have a better tracking experience. For longer sessions, this mouse is a no brainer due to the comfortable hold it provides.


The keyboard, with its excellent curved design, also comes with a wrist rest, which increases the overall typing experience. You have a place to settle down your wrists. The padding is good enough that you can have a comfortable typing experience. The height of the keyboard is also adjustable, which is great, and Logitech offers you three levels of height adjustment.

The mouse being a laser mouse is very precise in its tracking. The accurate tracking and comfortable hold really increase the appeal of the mouse. The extra customizable keys are pretty useful on the keyboard too.


As both the keyboard and the mouse are wireless, portability is the first that comes in mind. Due to their lightweight design nature, both the keyboard and the mouse are ultra-portable. You can easily use the keyboard on your lap. The mouse is also really lightweight, which makes it suitable to carry around. Having less weight also provides you with a better typing and tracking experience overall.


As like most of the combos in the market, Logitech has used the good old USB Dongle to connect this keyboard and mouse combo to connect to the computer. The whole process is really painless and simple as compared to the Bluetooth ones. You just need to plug in the USB dongle, and you are good to go.

It doesn’t even require any special thing in order to pair. You only need the dongle to pair the keyboard and the mouse. Having this much ease provides a level of comfort to the user.

Battery Life:

The battery life of Logitech’s combos has always been great. They have always excelled at delivering super long battery lives. The whole design and the features of the keyboard and the mouse were made to preserve as much battery life as they could.


Logitech has never disappointed in terms of the features that they offer in their combos, and the MK550 is definitely one of their best ones yet. The build quality of the curved design of the keyboard is extremely useful and easy to type on. The mouse is superb with its precision tracking. Overall, this combo is definitely worth buying.

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