Logitech has always been the leader in keyboards and mice department, and the MK710 is also one of their most beautiful products yet with some unique feature sets.

Build and Design:

The MK710 has one of the best keyboards in the market. The curved key design of the keyboard is what makes it special. The build is also quite sturdy, which improves the longevity of this keyboard. There is also rest under the keyboard, which helps you achieve a better typing experience overall. The keyboard is also a full-sized one, so a num pad is present there.

The mouse also has a good build quality and design, but there is no nothing that stands out with the mouse. The only thing is the addition of extra buttons on the side of the mouse, which can be useful if you are into productivity or gaming.


The best feature of the keyboard is the inclusion of the LCD dashboard. You can check a lot of things with this dashboard. The remaining battery percentage of the keyboard is also visible there, and it also shows whether caps, scroll, or the num lock is enabled or not. The palm rest is also considered a feature because it can really enhance your experience of typing on a wireless keyboard. The keys are also rounded, which further helps in typing as you can easily feel the keys on the tips of your fingers, and thus it will help you in attaining maximum typing speed.

The mouse has a pretty comfortable hold, and the accuracy and precision of the tracking are also great. The customizable buttons are a great addition to the mouse because not only improve the productivity level but also play a major role if you are into gaming.


Portability is also great because the keyboard and mouse have very little weight, which makes it easier to carry them around. The keyboard easy to use on the lap, and the mouse is really easy to carry around. You can carry both of these things in your laptop bag and continue using them.


The keyboard and mouse use a USB dongle to get connected with a computer. This method is really effective as it establishes a stable connection, and you don’t get any kind of lag, and there is the smooth operation of the mouse and keyboard.

Battery Life:

The battery life of Logitech’s products has always been good. The MK710 also has a good battery life, and you shouldn’t worry about battery life.


In the end, the MK710 from Logitech is a pretty solid offering, as there is nothing that is wrong about this combo. Everything works exceptionally well. The keys are easy to press, and being curved also helps in improving the typing speed. The mouse is also good with extra buttons to help in productivity tasks. Overall, the MK710 is one of the best keyboard and mouse combos that you can find right now, and we recommend buying this combo.

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