Microsoft is known for its sleek and modern looking products. The Desktop 900 is made for business people who want a sleek setup without ruining the whole aesthetic of their office.

Build and Design:

The keyboard from Microsoft is sleek in design, and the build quality is also top of the line. The keyboard is very minimal and not flashy, which might appeal to someone who works in an office. The sleek look of the keyboard provides an appeal to your overall setup. The full-size keyboard also allows you to have a great typing experience without missing out on the number pad as it is really crucial for some people.

The mouse also has the Microsoft look to it. It is sleek, and having an ambidextrous design makes it suitable for long sessions. The tracking capabilities of this mouse are also really good.


If you look at the features, then the first thing that comes in mind is the level of comfort that the keyboard provides. You can easily type for hours on this keyboard without tiring your hands. The keys feel really solid and provide a very good typing experience. The simplistic design of the keyboard also helps in getting the maximum work out of your keyboard. There are also different buttons present on the keyboard, which are customizable and can be used for different operations.

The keys on the keyboard are super quiet, which makes for a very comfortable typing experience. The mouse also has a pretty good hand feel and provides a good tracking experience as a result. The precision tracking is very useful and can also be helpful in gaming too.


Portability is Microsoft’s strong suit. Their mouse and keyboard combo have a very sleek design, which means that the overall weight of the products is very low, and you can easily carry them around if you want to. The keyboard is thin, so you can easily put it with your laptop in your bag, and the mouse is also not that bulky. The portability aspect really makes them appealing.


Microsoft is also using the USB dongle method in order to connect its peripherals to the computer. It is more secure and stable than a Bluetooth connection because of the receiver. A Bluetooth connection can lag sometimes, but the USB receiver is way more stable and provides a better experience overall.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the Desktop 900 is also pretty solid. As they are wireless, they require batteries in order to work. They provide you with long-lasting battery life, and whenever you get out of charge, you can easily top them up by replacing the old batteries with the new ones.


Overall, Microsoft Desktop 900 is a solid offering from a well-reputed brand. The keyboard and the mouse are pretty solid and also offer good typing and tracking experience, respectively. If you are in the market looking for a combo, then the Microsoft Desktop 900 is a pretty good option.

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