Ratel is offering a very solid keyboard and mouse combo at an affordable price and features that will please anyone looking to buy this combo.

Build and Design:

The keyboard comes in a very sleek design, and the build quality is also top-notch. The thin profile of the keyboard means that you can easily store it anywhere. The aesthetic of the keyboard is very modern. This makes the whole typing experience feel really good.

The mouse also has a sleek and modern design, which makes the overall tracking experience pretty solid. The grip is also comfortable, and you can easily use this mouse for hours without tiring your hand.


The keys present on the keyboard don’t have a lot of travel to them, and they are also quiet, which makes them more appealing because, in an office, the last thing you want is your keyboard’s typing noise. It just ruins the whole experience, that is why the company chose low profile keys for the keyboard to provide a comfortable experience when typing.

The mouse also has pretty good tracking, and the high DPI makes it very easy to use this mouse for gaming too. As the lag is nowhere to be found in the devices due to the solid connection, they are pretty suitable for gaming too.


If you are looking for the best stable connection, then this combo is a great choice. As the USB dongle is more secure and stable than a Bluetooth connection, you will experience no lags. The USB dongle has a storage compartment underneath the mouse, which is excellent as it provides a safe place to store your mouse.

The connectivity is pretty solid on this keyboard and mouse. The range is also quite long, which is another big feature. You can use the mouse and keyboard from far away.


Choosing a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is the indication that portability is your main concern. The lightweight design of both the keyboard and the mouse makes them very suitable for carrying around. You can easily take your keyboard and mouse to work because you are able to carry them in your laptop bag.

The lightweight design also makes them more comfortable on the lap. Most people tend to use the keyboards on their laps, and this is the best combo for those people.

Battery Life:

Battery life, on the whole, is best in class on this combo. You won’t experience any kinds of issues regarding poor battery life in this combo. This also increases the overall appeal for this combo.


In the end, the Ratel Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo are probably one of the best ones out there as it has a great build quality, sleek design, quiet keys, great battery life, and a strong connection. All of these things contribute to making this one of the best combos in the market. If you are a business professional, then it will suit you quite well and is a definite recommendation from us.

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