The Seenda keyboard and mouse combo is one of the most interesting combos in the market due to their excellent build nature and an impressive set of features.

Build and Design:

The keyboard has a strong and sturdy design, which is really good for long term use. The keyboard also has a full-size design, which means that there is a number pad also included. This might be super useful to some people. The keyboard and the mouse both come in a matte finish, which some people love over the glossy look of the normal keyboards and mice. It also resists any fingerprints, which is a nice plus.

The mouse also has a sleek design with an ergonomic grip to it. This kind of design makes it very easy to hold, and thus, the tracking experience is way better than normal. The mouse and the keyboard are also quite lightweight, so you should be comfortable with using them on your lap.


The keys are pretty quiet, which makes them very comfortable to type on. As you have no sound to disturb you while you are typing, you can type a lot faster. There is no flexing to be found on the keyboard, either, which is also a good thing.

The mouse has a DPI switch, which is a great addition for people who are looking forward to gaming on this mouse. There is a button on the top of the mouse, which allows you to switch to high DPI quickly. This is one of the best features of this mouse.


As the design language of both the keyboard and the mouse is pretty sleek and modern, it means that they are also quite lightweight. This low weight makes them easier to use on your lap and also makes them way more portable than a regular wired keyboard and mouse.

The wireless connection is the best thing about this combo and makes them super portable; you can easily carry them around in your bag. The portability aspect of this combo makes them very compelling.


Seenda has opted to use a wireless connection instead of using a Bluetooth one, what this means is that you have to use a dongle in order to get connected to your computer. In our opinion, this is way better than having a Bluetooth connection to connect to your computer.

In the case of the dongle, there is no kind of lag, which makes it easier to use for a longer period of time, and also you can keep the dongle connected to your computer.

Battery Life:

The battery life on this keyboard and mouse is pretty solid, and there is also a power-saving mode present here. It means that if you don’t use them for a couple of minutes, they will automatically turn off.


In the end, this pair of wireless keyboard and mouse is one of the absolute best ones in the market. The power-saving feature and great connectivity make them a good option if you are in the market for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

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