The thing that makes this combo stand out from the rest is the amount of effort they have put into providing a comfortable typing and tracking experience.

Build and Design:

The keyboard has a very sleek look to it, which gives it a very appealing design language that can be appreciable to any office worker. The keyboard is not lightweight, and keys are also quiet. The build is sturdy enough so that you can easily use it on your lap.

The mouse provides a sleek and modern look, and the performance is also really good. The design being ergonomic provides a solid feel in hand and is easy to use under long sessions. The mouse is also not that heavy, and TopMate has made sure to make their products as lightweight as they could.


The best feature about the mouse and the keyboard is the amount of quietness that they put to the keys. The keyboard is very quiet; you can barely hear yourself typing. This is great when you have to work at night time. In this way, you won’t disturb any of your family members and continue doing your work. It also creates a calm and refreshing environment for you as well, which encourages you to give your best.

The mouse, with its ergonomic design, is also made to provide the best tracking experience. The mouse buttons are also whispered quietly; it means that you won’t hear that clicky sounds that normal mice make. This is super helpful because at night time, that sound is very irritating, and by lessening the sound, they have ensured that you can have a comfortable experience both typing and tracking.


This keyboard and mouse combo uses a 2.4GHz connection to stay connected with your computer. We think that this sort of connection is way more stable than a Bluetooth one because there is no kind of lag in these connections. You can have a comfortable experience whether you are working or playing games.


As the keyboard and the mouse, both are wireless; you expect to have a lot of portability. Due to their lightweight design, they can be easily stored. You can even use them from far away as the range on this mouse and keyboard is also great.

Battery Life:

Battery life is not an issue on these types of keyboards and mice because they have a good battery life, to begin with. The TopMate combo has a great battery life, and you shall not regret it.


The TopMate Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo rank high at the list of some of the best combos in the market. Due to the strong build and design, lightweight mouse and keyboard and good battery life, it is a great choice for any person whether he wants to buy this for office work or not. The range is pretty good also increases its place. Overall, these products tick all the boxes, and you should definitely buy this one.

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