The appeal of the VicTsing Keyboard and Mouse Combo lies in the extreme amount of usability that this combo provides.

Build and Design:

The keyboard comes in a high-quality build and is also durable. The design is such that it allows you to have a great typing experience. There is also a stand that has been built into the body of the keyboard, which elevates it a little so that the typing experience can be enhanced. It really improves the typing experience, and you are able to type really fast.

The mouse also provides a solid feel to the hand, which is necessary because it is really important for good tracking. The mouse buttons are very silent, so you don’t get click sounds while gaming. It really helps you at night time.


The keyboards and the mouse offer a lot of useful features. The keyboard, while having a good design, also comes with over a hundred buttons. You don’t miss out on any of the buttons on this keyboard. There are a lot of multimedia buttons present too. If you regularly listen to music, then these buttons can be quite helpful to you. There is a built-in stand to improve your overall typing experience. The keys are also silent, so typing at night time is really easy.

The mouse, while having a durable design, has accurate and precise tracking. The ergonomic design helps you to use the mouse for long periods of time.


The connectivity method of this combo is the USB dongle. It allows for a good stable connection without any lags. The USB dongle is simply plugged and play. You don’t need to do anything in order to get it working. This is why it is preferred over like a Bluetooth connection because the latter one won’t work on your pc because you need a Bluetooth receiver for that purpose.


Having a wireless keyboard and mouse means that you should be easily able to take them around with you. That is the case with this combo as the lightweight keyboard and mouse allow you to easily carry them in your laptop bag. The weight is so less means that you can even use the keyboard on your lap. The range of both devices is also great, and you should be able to use them even if you are a couple of meters away.

Battery Life:

The battery life of this combo is really great, and it should be able to give you months of battery life. This is the best part of the wireless keyboard and mouse combos.


The VisTsing Keyboard and Mouse Combo are one of the best combos in the market. It hits all the right targets. The keyboard and the mouse have a strong and durable build. The connection is also stable, and the range is also great. The portability is also great. Overall, it is one of the best keyboard and mouse combos in the market.

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