The Vssoplor keyboard and mouse combo have some of the features that its competitors lack, and its great design language also establishes it as a great combo.

Build and Design:

The keyboard is very thin, but the company has not sacrificed on the size of the keyboard, and this keyboard comes in a full-size design. The number pad is very useful to some people so they can enjoy using that precious num pad. The build quality of the keyboard is also great, with every keystroke having a good feeling to it. There is not a lot of key travel, but you can’t get a lot of key travel if you are going for a wireless keyboard.

The mouse has an ergonomic build to it, which means that you can easily hold the mouse, and your tracking experience will also get improved. The hand feel of a mouse is crucial, and this one seems to have a pretty good hand feel with nice clicky buttons. The mouse can be used continuously for several hours without getting your hands tired.


One of the best things about this mouse and keyboard is that the batteries present inside them are rechargeable. You can easily recharge them and take your keyboard and mouse to full charge. In this way, you don’t have to bother by replacing the battery cells anymore.

There is also an auto-sleep functionality present inside the keyboard and the mouse, which allows the keyboard and the mouse to turn off on their own. This is a must-have feature in a wireless device because it can save a lot of battery life. If you accidentally fall asleep while using this keyboard and mouse, after 10 minutes, they will turn themselves off and save their battery.


The thin design of the keyboard makes it really portable, as there is little to no weight of the keyboard. You can easily carry it around without feeling burdened by it. Any kind of laptop bag is sufficient for this keyboard. The mouse, on the other hand, is also small and lightweight. You can easily carry both of them around due to their less weight.


A USB dongle is used to connect both of these devices to your computer. This kind of connection is super useful as there are no wires involved in this case. There is only a dongle that is connected to your computer, and then the keyboard and mouse can be used wirelessly. The range is also pretty good.

Battery Life:

Battery life is pretty good on the keyboard, as well as the mouse. The charging features is a great thing as you don’t have to deal with replacing the batteries anymore. The auto-sleep feature also helps in extending the battery.


The Vssoplor Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo are one of the best combos in the market. The build and design are great, with a rechargeable battery as an additional bonus on top. This is an easy recommendation for anyone buying a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

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