The Wisfox keyboard and mouse combo have some of the most modern aesthetic looks that you don’t find on any other combo in this price range.

Build and Design:

The keyboard has a design that can appeal to everyone due to the sleek look and the modern design language. The key travel is very less because of the ultra-thin design, which makes the keys make less noise, which is very appreciable. It provides a very comfortable typing experience without any kind of disturbances.

The mouse also comes in a good design which is modern and can appeal to everyone. The ergonomic design makes it really easy to hold the mouse, which improves the overall tracking of the mouse.


The keyboard and mouse have some good features up their sleeves. The keyboard comes with 12 different hotkeys which can be programmed to do various stuff. You can easily open apps with these hotkeys. The quiet keys also make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

The mouse, on the other hand, comes with different DPI levels, which is a treat for gamers. The DPI settings are really useful because it can allow you to have a really fast-tracking experience. It can prove very useful in gaming.


The connectivity of this keyboard and mouse is through a USB dongle that comes in the box. This dongle uses the 2.4GHz connection to establish a wireless connection with your computer. It is faster and more reliable than Bluetooth, which causes lags in some computers. The dongle method is perfect for wireless devices as it gives them a strong connection without having to worry about any kind of lag.

The dongle also enables a very long working range so that you can easily sit back and keep using the keyboard and the mouse. This can be quite helpful when you are watching a movie because you can control the playback using the mouse and keyboard from far away.


The keyboard and the mouse have a lightweight design, which means portability is great in this combo. You can carry them around in your laptop bag. The keyboard, with its sleek design and the mouse with its modern build, can easily fit any bag. Having a keyboard mouse combo ready at your disposal is super useful.

Battery Life:

Battery life is one of the main things when you are considering wireless devices. You should be glad to know that the battery life of the keyboard and the mouse is amazing and can easily provide you with months of battery life. You can use them for a long period of time before having to replace the batteries present inside the keyboard and the mouse.


Wisfox has made a keyboard mouse combo, which can really appeal to any person. The build quality and the design language on its own is a very compelling and when you add in the extra features, it makes this whole package a very solid offering, and thus, we can easily recommend this combo to anyone.

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